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Searching for hidden numerals

This online geocaching application searches for hidden czech and english numbers or own defined words.
Select wheather you want to search form czech or english or both czech and english numbers and enter the text to search into the field Scanned text.
If you want to find numbers regardless accents, select the option Search without accents.
In case you want to search for you own defined words, enter them into field Searched words.Individual words should be separated by space, characters other than letters will be replaced by space.
Then press button Search.
Searched czech numbers:
jeden, jedna, jednička, jednicka, dva, dvojka, dve, dvě, tři, tri, trojka, čtyři, čtyri, ctyři, ctyri, čtyřka, ctyřka, čtyrka, ctyrka, pět, pet, pětka, petka, šest, sest, šestka, sestka, sedm, sedum, sedmička, sedmicka, osm, osum, osmička, osmicka, devět, devet, devitka, devítka, nula.
Searched english numbers:
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, zero.