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Creating a GPX, PQ or KML file from the coordinates

This online geocaching application creates GPS (for different GPS navigations, Garmin etc.), KML (Google etc.) or Pocket Query (PQ, for treasure searchers: geocaching) files using the given coordinates.
Coordinates can be entered in DD.DDD, DD MM.MMM, DD MM SS.SSS formats and in formats (DD.MMMMMMM'N, DD.MMMMMMM'E; DD°MM.SSSSS'N, DD°MM.SSSSS'E a DD°MM'SS.SSS"N, DD°MM'SS.SSS"E) including the minutes and seconds signs.
Use single row for single coordinate. Latitude should be entered as the first and longitude as the second. Separate them by single space (coordinates in formats can be separated by comma).
In case no course is set (north/south latitude or east/west longitude), the predefined is used.